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LAEA’s Award program is primarily a service recognition program, honoring members who have served their students, their community, their state organization (LAEA), the Southeast Region and the Nation through NAEA. Each year you have the opportunity to nominate someone for honors in their area to be recognized at our Fall Conference and at the NAEA Convention.

The process begins by filling out this form, LAEA Award Nomination Form, to make your nominations.  When you click submit the form will go to our Awards Chair, Sara DuVernay, during the first week of June.  When considering a nomination, do check for award eligibility for each award, provided in the NAEA Awards Program Rubrics (2)

Nominations are reviewed by our Awards committee at our LAEA Summer Retreat Executive Board Meeting. Then, the list of awardees and their nominators will be notified by the Nomination Notification Letter to proceed with the creation of their NAEA nomination packets, due by September 15.

A Nomination packet consists of the following specific documents found on the NAEA Awards website.

  • A Nomination Form
  • A one-page letter on Nomination
  • Vita form – page 1
  • Vita form – page 2
  • Letter of Support no. 1 (one page max)
  • Letter of Support no. 2 (one page max)
  • Photo – 4X6 or digital image on CD
  • Short bio of one paragraph (to be emailed to the Awards Chair)

Two hard copies of the nomination packet are due to our LAEA Awards Chair by September 15th of each year. Be certain to make a copy for yourself as well. LAEA uses the same nomination packet used by NAEA.

Nomination forms can be downloaded from the NAEA web site.

LAEA encourages all members to participate in this process. 


LAEA Award Nomination Form

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