Fall Conference 2015

Join us !!! LAEA Fall Conference 2015 Monroe , La October 9-10 In the Twin Cities, (Named for the Adjoining city of West Monroe)

Youth Art Month

Youth Art Month is a month of promoting art and art education in the United States. It is observed in March, with thousands of American schools participating, often with the involvement of local art museums and civic organizations.

Louisiana Art Education Association

Welcome to the Louisiana Art Education Association’s new website. You’ll be able to find helpful resources, events and news that will keep you connected to your peers and better serve your students.

Membership Info

The Louisiana Art Education Association (LAEA) is a professional organizationand an affiliate of the National Art Education Association. Individuals interested in or engaged in activities concerned with, or related to art, art education or education are eligible for membership. Please follow this link for membership information, http://www.arteducators.org/community/membership LAEA is organized to include state officers, a council, an executive board, regional vice presidents, chairpersons, support chairpersons, affiliated groups and student chapter representatives. The council consists of the president, president-elect, appointed officers, the division representatives, regional vice presidents and support chairs. It is the mission of LAEA to promote art education through professional development, service, leadership and advocacy.

Youth Art Month 2016 The Power of Art

Youth Art Month is the primary advocacy tool for art education. It is the national celebration of student art and art education. It gives art educators a venue for sharing the quality art programs to their communities. Youth Art Month invites community members to endorse and proclaim the importance of art education in our schools. Art educators are encouraged to exhibit student artwork in their communities, participate in LAEA’s YAM Flag Design Contest and visit their legislators at Artists in the Capitol Day. Document your YAM activities and send them to our YAM Report Chair, found on the Contacts page of this website. Download the 2016 YAM Contest  Entry Form and Rubric and have your school or class become part of something great ! Previous Winners High School Middle School Upper Elementary School Lower Elementary School

Professional Development

As always the Louisiana Art Education Association (LAEA) strives to provide  enrichment to members through  professional development workshops ,seminars and an  annual  conference.  As an affiliate of the National Art Education Association members are encouraged to attend the National Art Education Association  (NAEA) National  Conventions held annually.  

Artlines Newsletter

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Art Exhibitions

View Art Exhibitions throughout the state!   Coming Soon !!!


  Louisiana Art Education Association (LAEA) provides  its members  connections to resources including access to both state and national content standards for the arts , evaluation materials , lesson plans ,and  current research materials .